Implementing Vhutshilo

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When working with a partner to implement Vhutshilo, HETTAS follows a certain recipe that has proved to be particularly effective in the field. What this means in practical terms is that:

  1. HETTAS meets with the lead organisation to get an understanding of its particular needs and existing expertise.
  2. Together with the NGO, a number of master trainers are selected to undergo the initial training. Training is intensive and lasts for 10 days. Because master trainers are crucial to the overall success of the programme, it is important that they possess very specific skills. These requisite skills are outlined here.
  3. Once trained, master trainers and supervisors recruit youth facilitators and train them on the Vhutshilo curriculum. HETTAS plays a support role during this process to ensure that factual information remains intact and that facilitation skills are bolstered.
  4. Facilitators then begin working with the youth—normally in groups of about 20—to conduct the sessions.

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