Together with the Vhutshilo 2 curriculum and training manual, HETTAS has the following A4 brochures available for free download.
Here's the place to start to get an idea of what resources are available for Vhutshilo 2.
Society, media and your friends can tell you things about alcohol and substance abuse that are simply not true. These are called ‘myths’ which are widely believed ideas that are actually false. This brochure aims to clear up the myths and give you fast facts about drugs and alcohol so that you have the correct information and can make smart decisions about your life.
Having sex for the first time can be an important emotional event. There are many questions that should be considered before actually doing it. This brochure helps with asking the right questions and finding the right answers.
Most times people don’t plan to use drugs or drink too much. Often people experience a problem and turn to drugs or drink as a way to cope with a problem instead of looking for a solution. Sometimes people want to experiment and experience what it feels like without knowing the dangers. This brochure deals with how to find help for yourself or friends.
We often do not have enough savings for daily and monthly expenses. Sometimes exchanging sex for money or gifts seems like the easiest thing to do, but it is not a wise choice. You can find yourself caught up in an unhealthy relationship. Here we look at blessers and the damage this kind of relationship can cause.
To help understand consent, some clever people made a cartoon to help us think about it more clearly by comparing it to having tea. By looking at these cartoons we can talk about how saying yes or no to tea is the same as saying yes or no to sex.